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Midgard Management is proud to announce that we received confirmation that 1401 Crown Center is LEED New Building Silver certified!

Our Story of LEED Silver Certification

The road to LEED Certification can be long and arduous with many starts and stops along the way.

The Decision
The decision to become LEED certified should not be taken lightly. While LEED certification has gained more recognition, the path is not well paved. It requires dedication and much cooperation from all parties involved as well as a solid financial commitment. Midgard Management recognized the overwhelming commitment but understood that applying sustainable practices would be beneficial for the tenants, the community and the overall profitability of the building.

The Process
The USGBC outlines strict guidelines for each category and every level of certification. The requirements for LEED can be difficult enough but meeting New Construction guidelines while retrofitting the building presented its own unique set of challenges.

From the roof to the floor mats, every aspect of development and management needs to be reviewed. Even the leases must be reviewed to ensure that they meet LEED criteria. There was a tremendous amount of research, reporting, and communications. But we found the right materials, most within 500 miles of Ft. Lauderdale, and still found a way to deliver a stylish, modern building that was well received by our market and tenants.

LEED Certification requires several steps from registration to final approval. There is a backlog at the USGBC caused by the increase in demand for LEED certified buildings in the commercial real estate industry. After the due diligence and final reporting, a team can wait months to receive final approval.

Midgard Management did not sit idly by while waiting to receive confirmation. We received our Certification of Occupancy in February 2009 and Parkson Corporation took occupancy shortly thereafter. Within 120 days we signed a lease with CBS Interactive for the entire second floor. This build out was completed on schedule and CBS Interactive took occupancy in January of this year with ample time to prepare for the Super Bowl broadcast. 1401 has received accolades from the community and we have returned to the community by organizing events for charity.

We have shared our milestones with you along the way. We want to express our sincerest appreciation for all of the support and encouragement we have received.

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