Case Study: One Flagler

At Midgard Management, we see it as our job to bring a property up to its maximum level of performance and then sustain it there so that it continues to produce optimal returns. We take that seriously. So what we doing with our latest project?

Introducing a new cleaning team that uses cleaning methods that reduce the health impact and improve the accommodations for both the occupants and service workers. Jantrex Building Services commits to using the best technology to reduce airborne pollutants and conserve water while remaining focused on removing soils. Jantrex has partnered in projects that have earned LEED EB Gold and Silver certification, LEED New Construction Gold projects, and worked with multi-tenant Class A high-rise building to realize $65,000 in energy reduction.

Making our tenants more comfortable by refurbishing the two chillers and installing a web-based Energy Management system. These updates will make temperature control more efficient and contribute to better air quality.

Implementing a recycling program because being good to the environment is good for expenses. This program will reduce our trash expense and is a great step forward in terms or our sustainability measures. Recycling is one of the most important requirements for becoming LEED Certified.

Stay with us as we continue to journal the transformation of One Flagler because this is just the beginning.